jaundice-joplin inspired me to post pictures, though these aren’t that old. But considering I look like shit right now, I ain’t posting what I look like haha. And I don’t think I posted these after I got my hair done.

BEHOLD my poor outdated fashion sense and green hair

God i miss green hair

And that fucking milkshake


I kinda want a totally not johnny gat plushie to totally not have on my bed because video games and cuddling is 4 nerds

Dude I totally don’t want one either

Just like I totally didn’t want that Kakashi plushie from ACen that one year

Ya know the one that doesn’t its way back onto my bed from time to time




do people wear glasses during sex or is it just like you’re blind and everthing’s a surprise

you ask the real questions

yes wear glasses during sex because glasses are hot as fuck-like why do you think librarians are popular?


People who say ‘omg songs r all about sex now i like the beatles who just wanted to hold ur hand’


*sings* why don’t we do it in the road

WOW I am so sick of sleep paralysis. Make it stop.

Nintendo Game Boy Advance