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The thing is I don’t know if I should return my dead hermit crab to PetSmart to get my refund because I do have two weeks, but part of me just feels like it wouldn’t be worth it. I mean she was $8, but my dad still owes me $85 from working.

I can make that money back pretty fast so I shouldn’t really worry about it. She was a living creature and I feel like it would be really wrong for me to take her little body in for a stupid $8 refund.

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So today I went to PetSmart and bought two new Purple Pincher hermit crabs to keep my Ecuadorian company. One is crippled and probably had his small claw chopped off at some point, and is also missing one of his third legs, but he’s doing fine.

The other was withdrawn from the time I put her in the tank to the time my Ecuadorian kicked her out of her shell, and was so weak she crawled under a lid I put some food on. I found her in time to put her into a new shell but she didn’t make it.

PetSmart was using wood chips as their substrate, which is a big no-no when talking about hermies. They had no heat source, an LED light kept their cramped little tank lit.

Anyone reading this, please take your money elsewhere and don’t buy hermit crabs from petsmart. They do not know what they’re doing and the crabs are suffering for their ignorance.

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